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Wherever, whenever: 29 e-learnings for 29 target cultures, from the Arab world to Vietnam, each about an hour and a half of learning time, written by the best possible international authors, with gaming aspects, chat function for learning groups, reporting, compatible on all devices and developed by the collaborative energy of the intercultures network? 

This seemed like a bold goal a year ago – but we managed to make it happen! In addition to the wide selection of available target cultures requested by customers, the greatest challenge was the didactic concept. Our offers for intercultural training or intercultural coaching derive their quality primarily from the fact that they do not offer complex recipes in complex terms, but rather illuminate gaps and let participants develop solutions for their professional contexts. 

We have succeeded in applying this principle to our e-learning as much as possible. First of all, everything is written from a DACH perspective (Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland). Even if there are differences between and within these cultural regions, they still share a similar value orientation. Because ultimately the exploration of cultural differences begins with ourselves – what music do we bring to the party?

Another didactic principle is to anchor learning opportunities in case examples, even in the less relevant answers of the particular cases. The most important thing, however, is not to create the illusion that e-learning can completely replace synchronous measures (classroom training, coaching, webinars). In blended learning scenarios, however, together with other building blocks, they are sustainable elements in the development of intercultural competence. 

Wherever, whenever: If you are interested in learning more for yourself or for your company about how intercultures e-learning can also enrich your international work, we look forward to hearing from you! 

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