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Diversity Icebreaker® from Human Factors AS

In its intriguing design, the overall objectives of the Diversity Icebreaker® are to engage participants in a set of unique group processes, and develop a shared understanding of how to best use diversity.

The Diversity Icebreaker experience, developed by Bjørn Z. Ekelund, starts with a brief pen-and-paper questionnaire that measures an individual’s preference related to communication and problem-solving styles.

The scope and areas of application are diverse


Team and Project Work:

In order to succeed, team members need to be aware of their similarities and differences, acknowledge one other’s uniqueness, and be clear about the roles and processes within which they operate.


Communication Training:

Differences in the way we communicate with others are at the core of the Diversity Icebreaker. Communication training is one robust way to explore the concept of diversity in communication styles.



The Diversity Icebreaker is relevant to the development of self-awareness and possibilities for participative leadership, among various dimensions of leadership (people, tasks, alterations).


Cross-Cultural and Diversity Training:

Dimensions of the Diversity Icebreaker cut across culture, gender and age. The model is simple and provides an easy introduction to appreciate and profit from diversity.


Conflict Management:

Not a conflict-solving tool itself, the Diversity Icebreaker is a powerful trust-booster that can serve to facilitate conflict-resolution processes.



The dynamics of a Diversity Icebreaker workshop can be replicated on a larger scale (200+ participants). This makes the Diversity Icebreaker the single tool of choice to kick off large projects and conferences in a meaningful, positive and memorable way.

intercultures not only uses the Diversity Icebreaker in process facilitation, coaching and training with customers—our Berlin-based Global Head office is one German distribution partner of choice. Those who choose to purchase the Diversity Icebreaker with us need not necessarily engage intercultures to facilitate workshops or interventions involving the tool, but can simply order it from us directly. But we would, of course, be extremely happy to facilitate a complete Diversity Icebreaker Workshop for you as well!

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Interested in learning more?

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