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Global challenges require local solutions

intercultures’ locations are available to you in nine countries. Globally, our consultants are present in a total of 38 countries.

What We Do

Our services and tools are focused on four core areas.

Intercultural Competence

How can I behave adequately, yet goal-oriented at international interfaces where intercultural differences are just one, but important facet of a complex dynamic?

Leading in Complexity

How can I lead team-members and myself both virtually and face-to-face in complex international contexts?

International Organizational Development

How can I accompany organizations internationally in their change processes, help to align stakeholder needs successfully, and co-develop a joint sense of purpose?

Virtual Collaboration

How can I create closeness across a distance through media to collaborate successfully in virtual contexts?

Who We Are

Together with our customers, intercultures develops solutions that support companies and their employees in achieving success in global complexity through the asset of diversity.

Our own work experience and research lends us an intelligent understanding of the challenges that arise at international interfaces.

What Defines Us

Our Diversity: We are intentionally diverse.

Founded in 2001, intercultures is geographically close to our customers through our branches, representative offices, and network of consultants based in 38 countries. Through our own diversity, we live the solutions that we offer our customers. Three-fourths of employees at our Global Head Office in Berlin identify with an immigration background. Even in our German consultant pool, the ratio is identical.

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Our Experience: We practice what we preach.

From our own work experience, we know precisely the challenges that arise in intercultural interfaces. The majority of our consultants are or have been involved in international business, often in a leadership role. intercultures has been a competitive player in the market for 15 years, and has earned the trust of more than 100 corporate customers who report direct benefits from their experiences with us.

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Our Consultants: We are experts

Nearly 360 globally recognized experts in their respective fields identify themselves as intercultures consultants, and share our perspective and understanding of quality. Each intercultures consultant was hand-picked by us against rigorous selection criteria, and from a collective pool of 1,200 candidates. All intercultures consultants have a minimum of five years experience as a trainer, consultant, coach, moderator, or facilitator. On average, our consultants have 10 years direct and sustained experience.

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Our Research: We bring something new into the world

Innovative projects and solutions have emerged from our research, which are often the direct influence of our customers. Our key areas of research include collaboration and leadership (including that within virtual environments); giving and receiving feedback as a tool for learning and organizational development; and the use of humor as one means to manage work processes in international contexts.

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Unser Team

Berlin Headquarters

Simon Becker
Simon Becker – Head of IT
Kristin Domschke

Kristin Domschke – Head of People and Culture

Zoe Hille

Raina Müller-Bornemann – Head of Business Development

Zoe Hille
Alessandra Bobeth – Key Customer Relations und Account Management
Leona Balatsiou Adjaye

Leona Balatsiou Adjaye – Project Management

Zoe Hille
Malii Watts Carolyn – Head of Global Communications
Simon Becker

Nora Sun – Head of intercultures Lab

Kristin Domschke

Stefan Meister – Managing Director

Zoe Hille
Susanne Schmid – Head of intercultures Academy
Simon Becker

Hannu Jacoby – Head of Finance

Kristin Domschke
Zoe Hille


Global challenges require local solutions. intercultures’ locations are available to you in nine countries. Globally, our consultants are present in a total of 38 countries. Click below to learn more about the point of contact at each of our locations.

  • Switzerland, Zurich (intercultures in Switzerland): Irene Hotz-Glanzmann
  • Spain, Barcelona (intercultures in Spain): Anna Zelno
  • Poland, Krakow (intercultures in Poland): Agnieszka Kotucz
  • Brazil, Sao Paulo (intercultures in Brazil): Karina Barcellos
  • China, Shanghai (intercultures in China): Christine Xue
  • India, Chennai (intercultures in India): Sreemathi Ramnath
  • U.S.A., Chicago (intercultures in the U.S.A.): Malii Watts Carolyn
  • Mexico (intercultures in Mexico): Bego Lozano

Meet our consultants!

Our Consultants: We Are Experts.

Below, we share brief interviews with a unique selection of intercultures consultants.

  • Sundae Schneider-Bean (South Africa/U.S.A./Switzerland)
  • Joseph Shaules (Japan/USA/Mexico)
  • Suk-Geoung Han (Korea/Belgium)
  • Mala Ullal (India/USA/Germany)
  • Ferhan Alesi (Turkey)
  • Claude-Hélène Mayer (South Africa/Germany)
  • Sujata Banerjee (India/Germany)
  • Adrienne Rubatos (Romania/Hungary)
  • Sonja Andjelkovic (Serbia/Middle East)
  • Pari Namazie (Iran/Middle East)
  • Allison Browning (UK/Japan)
  • Keith Teo (Singapore)

Meet our consultants!

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