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E-Learning Intercultural Competence: Ready to Dive In?

There are 30 target cultures to choose from. All of them presented to you as if you were “there”. The learning scenarios are written from a DACH perspective (German, Austrian, German-Swiss) – because intercultural challenges are best dealt with when looked at from your own specific point of view.

Three central aspects are dealt with:


Collaborating and Negotiating


Hierarchies and Meetings


Dealing with Local Life Challenges

Each of these units offers three sub-chapters that provide detailed insights into the working and private life of the target culture. The true to life case studies are based on our authors’ many years of personal work experience, all of whom work for intercultures, both in intensive training and consulting.

The attractive learning experience is further enhanced by gamification aspects. The detailed and differentiated solutions for each scenario are part of the didactic script. Learning groups in chat exchange, personalized participation certificates and reports on the progress of groups can also be created to ensure measurable learning success.

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