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Wherever you are on this planet…

…we can help you work across differences:

Intercultural Competence

…Using diversity as an advantage:


…connect over distances:

Virtual Collaboration

…set the right course:

Leading in Complexity

…and develop organzations people want to belong to:

International Organizational Development

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What we do

Our services and tools are focused on five core areas: 

Together with our customers,

intercultures develops solutions that support companies and their employees in achieving success in global complexity through the asset of diversity.

Intercultural Competence

How can I behave adequately, yet goal-oriented at international interfaces where intercultural differences are just one, but important facet of a complex dynamic?

Leading in Complexity

How can I lead team-members and myself both virtually and face-to-face in complex international contexts?

Virtual Collaboration

How can I create closeness across a distance through media to collaborate successfully in virtual contexts?

International Organizational Development

How can I accompany organizations internationally in their change processes, help to align stakeholder needs successfully, and co-develop a joint sense of purpose?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

How can I ensure that my actions and those of my team and organization contribute to using diversity as an asset, achieving equality, and actively practicing inclusion?

Who we are

intercultures’ dedicated global and local teams and network of 360 consultants work worldwide in partnership with our customers.

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