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Intercultural Readiness Check®

For more than twenty years, IBI has been supporting international organizations in analyzing and resolving their cross-cultural issues. IBI developed in partnership with one of Europe’s leading universities the Intercultural Readiness (IRC), a valid and reliable intercultural assessment tool, for which intercultures is the main distribution partner in Germany. Our wide network of IRC-licensed trainers allows us to use the tool for process consulting, coaching and trainings in different contexts. Additionally, we offer tailor-made concepts for in-house IRC-certification courses together with IBI.
Neben dem Vertrieb des Tools erstellen wir gemeinsam mit IBI zudem maßgeschneiderte Konzepte für interne IRC-Zertifizierungskurse.


In cooperation with our strategic partner Marcus Hildebrandt/Learning.de we can also support you in designing and assisting learning processes in a global context. Hereby, a particular focus is laid on learning as a catalyst for organizational change, especially in a virtual context.

interpool Personal

In cooperation with our strategic partner interpool HR we offer comprehensive services whenever the acquisition and assessment of international talent is concerned. With their focus on international recruitment and intercultural assessmernt, interpool is market leader in intercultural aptitude testing and provider of interview trainings, management audits, assessment and development centers in a context of globalization, diversity, and innovation.


RShore assists companies to succeed in their India-based projects. Since 2011, the consultancy’s unique model has been tested and refined and today the proprietary RShore model connects European companies to the real benefits of working with India. RShore’s areas of consult include Offshore Strategy, Transition Guidance and Management, Offshore Project Management Guidance, Performance Acceleration, Facilitation of Global Team Cooperation. In partnership with RShore we provide Global Skills Development, Global Leadership Development and India culture-specific development programs to prepare teams in complement to RShore’s portfolio of business offerings. Together, we offer the opportunity to interact with Indian counterparts with mutual and sustained resonance.

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