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Webinars: Completely Interactive, Even from a Distance!

We use many didactic elements that characterize our classroom training online: high interactivity in group and individual work, changing perspectives, short presentations, case studies, role plays, visualizations, opinion polls, formal and informal communication spaces, and more.

If you choose an immersive 3D environment (e.g. 3d icc, Tricat or Aula), even complete workshops and team development in different break-out rooms and work “walks” are possible. While we prefer virtual environments and classrooms that enable the greatest possible degree of interactivity and social forms (e.g. VITERO), we naturally use platforms with which our customers are most familiar, e.g. WebEx, Zoom or Skype for Business.

Our webinars cover a wide range of topics. We also implement all of our offers in the areas of intercultural competence development, virtual collaboration and leadership from a distance entirely online or in blended learning scenarios.

Depending on the group size, we also use several online moderators, which increases the attractiveness even more.

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