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Improving Performance in Virtual Teams:

VPA (Virtual Performance Assessment)®

Many of us spend a large part of our working day communicating virtually. In turn, how often do we focus on optimizing the potential of virtual collaboration?


What if we could

depict the complexity of virtual collaboration in a way that is easy to understand?

What would be

the real benefits of knowing where we’re performing well, and where we have opportunities for improvement?

Wouldn’t you like

to know the decisive success factors for virtual collaboration—and how you can influence your communications partners accordingly?
VPA establishes answers to these questions in response to your particular team, group, or network scenarios. With the completion of a brief online questionnaire, VPA collates the multiple perspectives of all geographically dispersed communication partners participating in your work context.

Your VPA results will enable you to find potential improvements and measures to improve actions on the part of leaders, team members, and even entire organizations.

Both VPA versions for business and VPA for consultants are available. For consultants utilizing the tool, licensing is included.

Virtual Performance Assessment® Research

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