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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity is a social reality and a largely untapped asset that is also reflected in the corporate world. In the context of DEI, diversity of refers to dimensions such as ethnicity, gender identity, skin color, sexual orientation, social background, religion, and worldview, physical and mental (dis)abilities, or age. It has been widely proven that diverse teams have the potential for enhanced creativity and efficiency relative to culturally homogeneous teams.

In addressing diversity, we recognize that its dimensions are linked to societal power differences. These power differences often manifest themselves in discrimination against minorities. Discrimination mechanisms often develop unconsciously, yet they are harmful both to those affected and to the organization to which they belong. Dealing with discrimination in the workplace requires a long-term orientation of the company towards the goal of equal treatment of all people, as well as targeted competence development of employees.

Inclusion means that people in the workplace feel a sense of belonging. This is demonstrated by all employees feeling comfortable, supported, and welcomed by the organization to show their authentic selves. Inclusion is what promotes diversity.

In our trainings, workshops, coaching and consulting, we create an atmosphere in which participants feel safe to speak about their own perspectives and experiences. At the core of our DEI measures is self-reflection and raising awareness of one’s own assumptions and biases. We help to enhance individual diversity competencies and teamwork to improve the organizational climate and bring forth the treasure of diversity. At the same time, we also advise and support companies in sustainably integrating their own DEI strategies at work on a daily basis.

Our range of services for DEI


Basic DEI Workshop

This workshop or training aims to discuss fundamental concepts and topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, alongside issues of bias and prejudice. How do implicit attitudes and biases influence our decisions and interactions with others? Participants will be provided with a range of methods and strategies to reduce bias in the workplace and beyond.


Cultural Sensitivity Training

Cultural sensitivity trainings help members of a dominant group in their company to better understand how to interact and empathize with colleagues belonging to underrepresented cultures, backgrounds, or identities.


Inclusive Management and Hiring Process

Trainings and consultation on inclusive management help supervisors identify existing discriminatory or oppressive practices. “Biased systems” that reproduce unequal treatment in the workplace can be thus dismantled. Special attention can be directed towards hiring practices, where unconscious bias may occur and can be avoided accordingly.


Building a Common Basis for Action

Workshop to build a common ground despite existing differences. Identifying similar priorities, values, and goals to facilitate alignment among employees and ensure a unified approach.



Workshops and trainings on unconscious bias are intended to uncover and identify the unconscious behavior and practices that may lead to prejudice or oppression.


Continuing Engagement

Trainings and workshops on community engagement transcend the internal organization and encourage participants to consider ways in which their company can effectively serve the broader community with regards to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Moderated Conversations

A measure for building competencies in moderated discussions, especially within teams and groups. Creating open spaces where even more reserved employees can voice their perspectives, address DEI-related issues, express their concerns, and provide feedback.



We empower employees of diverse backgrounds to advocate for better workplace accommodations. The trainings enable employees with different physical, environmental, or religious needs to advocate for the creation of spaces where they feel comfortable and safe.


Deepening the Understanding of Discrimination

Here, employees can learn how to adopt an active stance in supporting and promoting marginalized colleagues. This type of workshops or trainings often cover topics such as anti-racism, anti-sexism, queerphobia, and more.


Building an Inclusive Corporate Culture

Establishing a culture of diversity within a company is a long but rewarding process. We accompany you on this journey towards a new corporate culture, ideally with all employees being involved.
Employees gain a deep understanding of DEI topics and recognize how they can personally contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive culture that improves employee engagement, provides support, and helps employees grow professionally. At the same time, we advise and support senior management on how to strategically embed their own DEI strategies in a sustainable way.

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