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Feedback as an Asset in International Contexts

Experience and research demonstrate that multicultural teams are often less effective than a monocultural teams—unless they learn to address the differences and use them to their advantage. In order to leverage feedback with success, feedback needs to be given and received in respect to the intercultural context in which it is exchanged.

Imagine what you could do with a true understanding of peoples’ expectations when working in international contexts:


Improve work relations between two or more people


Competently negotiate ways of cooperation within bilateral or multicultural teams


Contribute tailored feedback to optimize team success


Utilize results towards organizational learning and sustainable change

The Feedback Profiler®: Four Feedback Categories, Twelve Dimensions

The Feedback Profiler® is an assessment used to optimize feedback practice and create an intentional feedback culture. Hosted online, but also available in a paper-and-pencil version, the tool analyzes the feedback preferences of individuals, tandems, small or large groups, and even organizations.

Developed for the marketplace after years of research, the Feedback Profiler® identifies dynamics such as critical communication gaps; variances in principles underlying work relationships; inefficiencies in team processes, and more. The result is a set of data with which on-target interventions may be executed; relevant and informal learning can be offered; and organizational change is primed to thrive.

What our customers say about the Feedback Profiler:

“The tool offers additional layers for me that intuitively I feel I still need to digest. Intriguing. Looks lighthearted, but is a powerful engine…“
Ursula Brinkmann, IBI

Feedback Profiler®

Feedback Profiler®

User Friendly Implementation!

The Feedback Profiler® is especially user friendly. Completing the four-category questionnaire takes about 10 minutes.

Feedback Profiler® results break out into twelve distinct dimensions developed through thorough research and development. The report set contains valuable information about how diverse respondents prefer to give and receive feedback, and the extent to which similarities or differences exist among colleagues, subordinates or superiors. The format of the report is designed with visual aesthetic and easy interpretation in mind.

Feedback Profiler®

Feedback Profiler®

How Can I Use the Feedback Profiler®?

Certification is not required at this time for consultants, trainers or coaches to use the tool with their own customers. As assistance, online support is offered to address questions that may arise regarding assessment results or their application to a workshop/coaching session.

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