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A Bit of Math

  • What percentage of your working time is spent in meetings—both virtual and face-to-face, scheduled and unscheduled?
  • What percentage of time do your colleagues and employees spend in meetings?
  • AIf a modest 50% of your time is spent in meetings, how much cost does this represent per employee, per year? How much time and cost could you save annually if you could reduce this time by even 5%?

Reality Check

  • Are you confident that the meetings you attend or run virtually regularly produce value for you and the organization?
  • Are the meetings that you experience reliably efficient and effective—and simultaneously attractive enough to elicit the full engagement of all participants?
  • Can you name which steps are taken to invite the multiple perspectives necessary to solve complex problems, develop innovative solutions, or make sound decisions?
  • To what extent would you say that the results of your meetings are adequately implemented?

Dare to Dream


Imagine the impact

a major reason why people wanted to join a project, team, network or company?


What might change if

participants trusted that their time would be used appropriately, and that they could perform their work better as a result?


Envision a meeting culture

in which cross-cultural complexity and friction is reduced, and that is characterized by mutual understanding and stronger commitment.


Besides fulfilling their operational function,

what might it be like if regular meetings generated constant value as the basis of learning for individuals, groups and the organization as the whole?


What if meetings were

a major reason why people wanted to join a project, team, network or company?

Wellcome to Meet Better!

Meet Better is intercultures’ portfolio of services and tools that managers, project leaders, groups, teams, networks and organizations use to help improve their meetings in a major way. The portfolio includes a spectrum of interventions, ranging from basic team meetings to meetings related to processes at organizational levels. As with all products of intercultures’ research, Meet Better was developed after years of field research and practical application in collaboration with multinational customers who apply Meet Better within their own organizations.

The opportunities that arise from Meet Better are remarkable. Widespread changes in organizations affect gradual change in leadership, intercultural communication, virtual collaboration, use of technology, and workflow management, among other areas.

intercultures will help you develop the right measures to improve your meetings, level by level:


Individuals, for example meeting owners or moderators


Groups, teams, but also cross-functional or at interfaces with customers, including templates or tool design


Change processes in business units or entire organizations.

Meet Better

We hope that we have sparked your interest to learn more about how you can be an ambassador to Meet Better at your organization.

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