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Virtual Collaboration

E-mails. Phone calls. Web-based meetings. For many of us, communication via electronic media is a major part of everyday work life.

  • How can our virtual communication skills be optimized?
  • Are we using the right media for the right purpose with our international partners?
  • How is it possible to motivate colleagues across distances more effectively?
  • Are we using our geographical range to our full advantage – as to outweigh the inherent challenges of being based in different locations?

At intercultures, we know that significant improvements are available to you in your day-to-day virtual collaboration. We have worked with hundreds of virtual teams; supported executives in leading remotely; and researched the topic intensely for over half a decade.

These experiences have enabled us to co-author the book Closeness at a Distance: Leading Virtual Groups to High Performance (Link); and to develop the comprehensive assessment tool Virtual Performance Assessment (VPA®) (Link) that measures the performance of virtual team(s).

With this track record, we are confident in saying: We can help you to significantly improve your virtual collaboration. When should we start?

Our Portfolio:


Virtual team development and project kick-offs


Media use in international contexts


Coaching of employees and leaders in the context of virtual collaboration


Building virtual learning networks

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