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Mala Ullal_India/USA

Mala Ullal


In the Space of Three Sentences: How Did You Come to Do What You Do (For a Living)? 

My whole life has been a cross-cultural challenge and experience as I have an Indian father, a US-American mother and was born in Germany. I grew up between three cultures and it is not surprising that I eventually made cross-cultural consulting my profession. My job is very much who I am.

How Might intercultures’ Customers Find You Unique? 

Not only is my work part of who I am, additionally I’ve gained several qualifications in the field as cross-cultural consultant and coach, and have more than 15 years of experience working for mainly corporate clients, but also for foundations, universities and ministries. Apart from personal experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject my approach in training, coaching and consulting is highly interactive. It is important to me that the clients extend their own knowledge through experience rather than merely rational understanding.

What Do You Like About Working With intercultures?

intercultures is one of the leading providers of cross-cultural training and consulting, which means I have learned a lot through working with intercultures. The intercultures team does cutting-edge research in the field, is part of the most important conferences and discussions, publishes many articles and books, has various networks on social media with topical focus and most of all, there is a very high standard concerning the selection of intercultures consultants. I can say that I am very proud to be part of the intercultures team and network.

In a Global Context – Why Do You Think is Your Work – And Our Work Together Important?

As everybody knows globalisation is happening very rapidly on a large scale. Apart from the huge possibilities and chances, the globalisation process brings its own set of challenges and even sometimes fears and insecurities. What I do in consulting and training is to offer support and orientation in the globalising business world. My personal experience has taught me how important it is to bridge the cultural gaps, clarify cultural misunderstandings and improve working together across cultures.

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