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Working globally made easier

While engaging in international business between the European region and India is not new to many, working between the two with strategic ease may be a welcomed change to professionals who have experienced the challenge. Plain and simple: Friction happens when companies fail to adapt their business operations to offshore zones, and don’t provision time and budget for such transformation. There’s a time-saving, cost-effective, better way to operate.

A new partnership in India

intercultures’ new partnership with RShore in India blends their unique and effective working model with our business-critical cultural insights. Together, we offer the opportunity to interact with Indian counterparts with mutual and sustained resonance.

Introducing RShore

RShore assists companies to succeed in their India-based projects. Since 2011, the consultancy’s unique model has been tested and refined. Today, “the proprietary RShore model connects European companies to the real benefits of working with India,” said Deepa Natarajan, Founding President of the consultancy and experienced IT professional. RShore’s areas of consult include Offshore Strategy; Transition Guidance and Management; Project Management Guidance; Performance Acceleration; and Facilitation of Global Team Cooperation. intercultures’ partnership will provide Global Skills Development in complement to RShore’s portfolio of business offerings.

RShore’s model is threefold:

1. Manage Cooperation: Lay a context-appropriate foundation with the executive committee to ensure that the “right” strategy, governance model and contracts are set up.

2. Prepare Teams: Develop team competencies to improve effective communication, organization of work and management of offshore teams.

3. Increase Performance: Integrate cultural factors into key aspects of project management in order to ensure a favorable cost-benefit analysis in various aspects of the business.

This three-step process is easier said than done when offshoring to virtually any country whose business and cultural practices are distinct from those of their headquarters. Select advisory partners offering practical guidance in order to achieve your leadership’s vision.

The challenges of leading in a global context

In her most recent blog post, Deepa shared the story of Tony, an executive working outside of India who had been promoted to manage IT services implemented in Pune. The reader is asked: “How do you lead a team with conviction when your natural intuition fails you?” In turn, we asked Deepa her thoughts on the role of intuition in such business matters. “In my experience coaching leaders,” she said, “decision-making is one of the biggest challenges. Leaders rely a lot on data, opinions and their own past experiences. Though in situations when the challenge is new and data and experience are limited, leaders rely quite a bit on their gut instincts. The thing about intuition is that when you place an explicit focus upon it, it often evades us.” Still, her outlook is promising. Deepa has experienced in her work that intuition intelligence can be nurtured in order to develop insight on where to turn at the crossroads when the signboards are missing.

What will be your next decision?

Better global management is attainable with a (re)vitalized business start and right partnership. “Software development requires people to share abstract concepts and complex ideas,” explained Deepa. “Developing products with people in the same room is hard enough. We need to take into account that however rapidly the world is globalizing, national cultures—in both India and across Europe—strongly influence process, methods, strategies and decision-making.” What will be your next decision in working with India?

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The above article was included in our Mar. 2016 intercultures e-newsletter. 

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